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Spice up your weight-loss journey with ginger If you are looking for some effective ways to shed those extra kilos make friendship with ginger. Here we tell you how this commonly used spice can help you lose weight. Editorial Team | Published: June 14, 2019 8:52 pm Facebook share Twitter share Tags: Foods for weight loss Ginger Weight loss foods weight-loss Here, we shed light on the science-backed ways ginger fuels your weight loss goals. © Shutterstock Your kitchen shelf is a treasure trove of ingredients that protect your health in innumerable ways. Quite deservingly, ginger is one of the brightest stars among your kitchen companions. Its health benefits range from fighting inflammations and infections to reducing your risk of cancer and diabetes. Apart from these, this traditional Indian herb can be your best weight-loss buddy too. To make it a part of your weight-loss journey, you can have ginger in multiple ways. Including it in your recipes is the easiest way to have it. However, you can also add slivers of this spice in your tea, juice and water too. Making a ginger concoction at home is quite easy in fact. Ginger is an essential part of traditional ayurvedic medicine for its medicinal values. But its weight-loss benefits, as already mentioned, are also quite significant. Here, we shed light on the science-backed ways this Indian spice fuels your weight loss goals. Helps in reducing water retention Water retention means extra fluid build-up inside your body. This may contribute to weight gain. Ginger acts as a diuretic promoting diuresis, says a study published in the Journal of Nutrition. Diuresis is basically a process of increasing urine production. The increased excretion of water from the body can help reducing water retention, thus helping you lose weight. You can have ginger as the first thing in the morning for better results. Boosts metabolism and digestion Poor digestion is associated with weight gain. If your body is not able to properly absorb and assimilate nutrients, you will not be able to eliminate waste. This will lead to poor body metabolism, a known factor for weight gain. Having high thermic effects (increase in metabolic rate post a meal), garlic is one of the best foods to boost metabolism. It burns more calories than other herbs and spices. According to a study published in the journal Metabolism, consuming garlic can enhance the thermic effect of other foods. To get the best results, you can grate ginger and boil it in 3 cups of water. Now, let the ginger soak in the warm water for 10 minutes. After straining, drink the lukewarm water. You can also have ginger by adding this spice in your food. Increases satiety Consuming ginger can potentially increase satiety, says a study published in the journal Metabolism. It manages to do so by stimulating your digestive system. Ginger has an active compound known as gingerol. It acts a natural supplement for weight loss. It moderates the levels of your satiety hormone leptin and helps fight against uncontrolled hunger. That is how ginger makes you feel full and suppresses your hunger. Moreover, it has a positive effect on norepinephrine and dopamine, two hormones responsible for activating the part of the nervous system that reduces hunger. These physiological processes combine together to help you lose weight. Additionally, ginger is very low in calorie count. You can have it with your tea. Bonus: It will heal your sore throat. Prevents emotional eating As already mentioned, ginger contains an antioxidant named gingerol. It actually fights against the harmful chemicals in the body responsible for stress, one of the main triggers behind emotional eating. When we are sad or depressed, we resort to our comfort foods to cope with our emotional fallout. When we eat out of stress, we are not mindful of what and how much we are eating. This can be a potential driver of weight gain. Also, ginger regulates your level of cortisol, the stress inducing hormone. It is one of the major triggers behind your belly fat, reveals research. Balances your blood sugar levels There are reams of research linking Increased blood sugar level with obesity. The hormone that keeps your blood sugar levels normal is insulin. It is produced by your pancreas. However, when this organ fails to produce sufficient amount of insulin or your body is unable to utilize it efficiently, your blood sugar level soars. Ginger helps in your body’s insulin response. That is how it helps in regulating your blood sugar levels helping you maintain a healthy body weight. Reduces bad cholesterol High cholesterol (a type of fat) level is directly associated with obesity. It is also responsible for potentially dangerous heart ailments high blood pressure. Ginger can effectively inhibit oxidative stress and bring down your cholesterol levels. It can even reduce the chance of atherosclerosis, a condition which leads to the buildup of bad cholesterol in your arteries and causes high blood pressure. Ginger actually breaks down these fats clogging the arteries. According to a study published in the Saudi Medical Journal, this herb has a significant lipid lowering effect on our body. It actually activates an enzyme that increases your body’s efficiency in using up cholesterol, preventing its accumulation. Also, ginger increases the count of your good cholesterol. Suppress inflammation Inflammation is associated with obesity, says a study published in the Archives of Medical Science. Ginger reduces inflammation by inhibiting the expression of genes involved in the inflammatory response. It helps in reduction of oxidative stress, which is one of the main reasons behind inflammation and weight gain. Detoxifies your body High levels of toxins in the body can potentially lead to inflammation, which is associated with weight gain. Having strong antioxidant properties, ginger helps remove toxins from your body and reduce fat accumulation.

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I had heard about the medical wonders of Villa Stéphanie, part of the Oetker collection along with Le Bristol in Paris and The Lanesborough in London. The celebrated spa has a reputation for its thoroughly effective medical as well as therapeutic treatments, but what had me considering a trip to Germany’s Black Mountains was the reputation of one of its crack team of medical experts, Dr König. The very Dr König who met a friend of mine and felt there was something wrong with her, insisted on a check-up, and found a tumour for which there had been no symptoms. So, I booked. The Belle Epoque building began life as a royal residence in 1890, and its 15 rooms are everything a five-star lodging should be, a digital detox button the only telltale sign that this is somewhere where ‘H’ stands as much for health as hotel. These rooms are for the guests who might come simply to lose weight with a calorie-controlled diet and a huge variety of exercise and spa treatments. They are also for visitors to Haus Julius, a 1,700-square-metre mansion directly accessed from Villa Stéphanie, where an expert medical team awaits. Both look out on to the leafy gardens of Lichtentaler Allee in Baden-Baden, a charming German town where 19th-century villas line the streets. In this atmosphere of genteel wellbeing, Dr König has recently started a weight-loss programme – The Kings Way (from könig, German for ‘king’), which involves a staggering 91 treatments over 10 days. It was to this that I’d signed up and so, upon my arrival, I found myself waiting for Dr König. He strode in clad in a white coat, his penetrating blue eyes and silver-fox persona an immediate presence. Sitting at his desk, he picked up a Montblanc fountain pen from a collection in a silver tray, revealing his Cartier cufflinks. READ NEXT SoulCycle: The cult American spin class has landed in London SoulCycle: The cult American spin class has landed in London by LILY WORCESTER It’s safe to say that I have never had such an exhaustive consultation. Posture check? Tick. He got me down to my underwear and crunched my bones. Make no mistake, Dr König knows what he is doing, and he also cares passionately about making people better. He left no stone unturned, no question unanswered, from emotional happiness to work-life balance to having podologist Herr Busch fit me for insoles to rebalance me, and suggesting a few pieces of dental work that might need looking at. Apart from a battery of blood tests and a body scan to spot any inflammation, I also did a Lüscher test – a ‘mirror of your soul’, Dr König called it – which evaluates emotional stability. Each day started with a detox foot bath and ended with a liver cleanse. In between there were detox infusions and Airnergy oxygen therapy.There were colonic hydrotherapies (I’ll spare you the details) and there were personal-training sessions. I mixed Pilates or aqua gym with bike rides and brisk walks around Baden-Baden with fitness instructors Andreas and Kevin, the latter of whom smiled sweetly and occasionally said things like, ‘Jawohl, now we will have a short break,’ – we never did. Otthoman, a fantastic masseuse, left me writhing with pleasurable pain, and the meals assured weight loss (think smoothies packed with super-greens and low-fat, low-carb dishes). The Kings Way requires total commitment – I found little time to think beyond keeping to the relentless programme, which was an endurance test. When I had finished, my newly toned body was leaner by four kilos and my mind sharper, and that really was why I had wanted to go. Dr König has put Baden-Baden on the map for an annual pilgrimage. Now I just need a holiday... Healing Holidays (healingholidays.com/tatlerspaguide; 020 7529 8551) offers a 10-night The Kings Way programme from £11,600, full board, including treatments, activities, flights and transfers.



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